online meat delivery in kolkata

Meat shop in Kolkata

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The customer gets found some online meat shop in Kolkata but we are here from a few months ago to deliver good quality of meat (Chicken, Mutton) to the customers. meat is an elementary food and it is good for health so it is required to maintain the quality and standard of meat whatever it is chicken or mutton. We always deliver meat with the best quality and we always check twice before delivery. Smartkart is only an online meat shop in Kolkata of delivering at right time, customers need not wait to cook after the order he/she has been made.


Our objective is clear to the customers who are already brought the products from smartkart. We would like to request you each customer to make an order in smartkart whatever they needed to confirm our service and the quality of the products that we deliver.

Our objective is to provide fresh meat from our online meat shop in Kolkata and outside of Kolkata. Every customer is essential for making our business upward so we would not ever compromise on the quality of products.


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